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Car Parking

For safe, convenient, onsite parking pre-book online. Early bird discounts available to customers who pre-book online in advance of travel.

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Ease your passage at the airport with fast track access through security.

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The Amelia Earhart Lounge is located in the departure lounge. The lounge offers a refined atmosphere which captures the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Book Car Parking

City of Derry Airport has a variety of great car parking products to suit everyone, whether it’s for a short break, a longer trip away or dropping off friends and family.  The car park is conveniently located onsite, opposite the terminal building and within easy walking distance to the main entrance. For secure, convenient parking, pre-book online for the most competitive rates. Customers wishing to prebook car parking must do so at least 2 hours in advance of their expected arrival time at the airport.

Pre-book your airport car parking online now.

For car parking enquiries please email:

Free Airport Parking for a Year for Healthcare Heroes

In recognition of our essential workers travelling through City of Derry Airport, we would like to offer free airport parking to NHS staff and all frontline Healthcare staff for a year, effective from Tuesday 21st April 2020 until the end of April 2021. We offer this gesture as a sincere thank you for all the amazing work our Healthcare Heroes have been carrying out during the COVID-19 pandemic. Full details are available here.

  • To view, amend or cancel an existing car parking booking please log into the City of Derry Airport Car Parking system using your email address and unique password.
  • Click Manage My Booking where you can update your booking details.
  • All carpark bookings can be cancelled before entry into the carpark, if not online by a supervisor at the Customer Service Desk.
  • Please note that some car parking tariffs are not flexible and cannot be cancelled nor amended.

How do I make a booking?

To make your booking visit and simply select your dates and times for arrival and departure. You will then be prompted to complete your passenger and payment details. You will be sent an email confirmation and tickets which you will need to print out and bring with you.

When is the earliest I can make a booking? 

You can pre-book parking 12 months before you expect to enter the car park. Booking this early will enable you to get the best prices, but book a flexible tariff if your plans might change – some tariffs cannot be cancelled for a refund.

When is the latest I can make a booking? 

You can book parking up to 2 hours before you expect to enter the car park.

Does booking guarantee me a space?

Yes by booking in advance you are guaranteed a space in your chosen car park although you will not be able to choose the exact space in advance.

Can I book a disabled space?

City of Derry Airport do not differentiate the pre-booking of our car parking product for disabled parking spaces. If you require help or assistance by airport staff, please contact the Airport Customer Service Desk on +44 (0) 28 7181 0784 or email

Why can’t I get a quote for the dates I’m looking for?

There may not be any pre-bookable spaces left, or your stay duration is outside of the minimum and maximum periods, or one of your entry / exit times is outside of the times of operation of our car park. Please email the City of Derry Airport Customer Services team who will be happy to assist you:

How are your prices calculated?

Our prices are based on a rate for every 24 hour period your car is in the car park, or part thereof.

When / how often do car parking prices change?

We always monitor our car parking prices and although they are scheduled for update on an annual basis, they can be changed at any time. Prices quoted are valid at the time of booking only.

What other fees am I likely to incur by making a booking?

No additional fees will be incurred at the time of booking. We do not charge any debit or credit card fees, nor booking fees. However, a £2.00 fee will apply to all cancellations / amendments.

Contact the airport and we’ll do everything we can to help. Please call +44 (0) 28 7181 0784 (Extension 201) or email

What payment methods are accepted?

There are a number of payment methods accepted including Visa Debit, Visa Credit, MasterCard Debit, MasterCard Credit, and American Express.

Is my payment secure?

Our website uses gold-standard Enhanced Validation (EV) SSL certificates issued by the internet security company Starfield Technologies. This is the highest level of SSL security available.

How do I know if my booking has worked?

You will receive a confirmation email from us with a booking reference / ticket for your booking, which you should print out and bring to the airport when you park your car. If you do not receive the email, please log onto the system using your email address and password:

Alternatively, contact the City of Derry Airport Customer Service Desk on +44 (0) 28 7181 0784 or email

My booking is showing a PREAUTH status?

If your parking booking shows as PREAUTH, please wait 5 to 10 minutes for the payment to be processed and the booking confirmation to be emailed to you. Please do not make another booking or your booking could be duplicated. If you do not receive your booking confirmation within 1 hour after booking, please email

My booking is showing a pending status?

If your parking booking shows as pending this means that your payment has not yet been taken. If this occurs, please check with your bank. Please do not make another booking or your booking could be duplicated.

What do I do if I have not received my booking confirmation?

If you have not received your booking confirmation email within 1 hour after booking, please first check your email spam folder. If it is not in there then please go to the Manage My Booking facility and select the option to re-print email. If you are still experiencing issues then please contact us on +44 (0) 28 7181 0784 or email

Can I amend / cancel my booking if my plans change?

Some tariffs cannot be cancelled for a refund. If you have booked a flexible product you can amend or cancel this up to 24 hours before your previously expected arrival at the car park. A £2.00 fee will apply to all cancellations / amendments.

Can I bring a different car to the one I originally booked?

Yes, but you must tell us by amending your booking using the Manage my Booking page: You can also amend your booking by contacting the Airport Customer Services team on +44 (0) 28 7181 0784 or emailing

Are there any size restrictions for vehicles?

There are no height restrictions at the City of Derry Airport car park, but the length and width of your vehicle must not exceed the size of one standard parking space. If your vehicle does exceed a standard size vehicle then please contact the airport in advance of making your booking so we can ensure we have a space available for you. Please email

Do I need to hand my keys in?

All our car parks are self-parking facilities meaning there is no requirement for you to hand over your keys.

Is there a bus service between the terminal and the car park?

No, our car park is conveniently located directly outside the terminal entrance and exit. Due to the very close proximity of the car park there is no requirement for a bus.

What do I do when I get to the car park?

When pre-booked passengers arrive at the car park entry barrier, they must press the button on the ticket stand to receive a ticket. Then bring the ticket to the Customer Services desk inside the Terminal Building, and provide their booking names, booking reference and passport or drivers licence as proof of identity, and the team will validate the ticket. You must hold on to the ticket for your return as this ticket must be inserted at the exit barriers to permit exit when you are leaving.

If for any reason a ticket is not issued on entry, which is very unlikely, please press the intercom and speak to a member of our team who will be happy to help.

What happens when I return from my trip?

Once you return from your trip you must enter the tickets you received on entering the car park into the exit barrier to exit. This does not work with vehicle recognition. If there are any problems, please press the help button and a member of the Customer Service team will help you.

What happens if there is a problem with my car while it is in the car park and I cannot drive it out?

You should immediately arrange for a recovery / roadside repair, and contact a member of our customer service team at the Airport Customer Service Desk. A recovery vehicle will be permitted into the car park to service your vehicle. Please note, for vehicle recovery City of Derry Airport needs to be advised by email, if possible, that the car is being removed from the car park by a recovery vehicle and that all parking fees have been paid.

What if my car gets damaged in the car park?

This is highly unlikely, however, if it does happen then you must immediately report this to the Terminal Service & Security Manager or a member of staff at the Airport Customer Service Desk. Please note our terms and conditions regarding damage to vehicles parked in the airport car park. You must not leave the car park without reporting the incident – failure to do so will result in any claims being invalidated.

What if my return flight is late?

Our car parking prices are structured on a daily basis so if you return later than expected, but within the same day, then you may leave the car park with the same car parking ticket. If for any reason you are later than expected, and the time period is longer than 24hrs then please speak to a member of staff at the Airport Customer Service Desk who will charge you for the additional time.

How do I register a complaint or comment?

If you would like to register a complaint or feedback on your parking experience at City of Derry Airport, please email

Please click on the link to download a copy of CoDA’s Terms and Conditions: CoDA Terms and Conditions Car Park January 2020

To avail of discounted rates passengers are advised to pre-book car parking online.  Pre-booking must be made a minimum of 6 hours before parking is required.  You can pre-book your car parking space here using our online booking system leaving you with peace of mind before your journey.

Please note, when pre-booked passengers arrive at the entry barrier, they must press the button on the ticket stand to receive a ticket and then bring this to the Customer Services desk inside the Terminal Building, and provide their booking names and booking reference, and the team there will then validate the ticket as pre-booked. The passenger must keep the ticket and use when exiting the carpark.

City of Derry Airport car park has a total of 500 Pay-On-Foot spaces and is located adjacent to the main terminal building . The secure car park is covered by 24-hour surveillance and is locked down each evening.

Parking is not permitted in the Set Down or Pick Up areas or on the access roads. Illegal parking in these areas may lead to vehicles being clamped. Removal of the clamp will incur a minimum charge of £50.

Customers who have not pre-booked online must pay all car parking charges before returning to their vehicle, parking charges cannot be paid at the exit barrier in the car park . There are two automatic pay-stations located outside the main terminal exit door and one automatic pay-station located at the rear of the car park – these accept notes and coins (both Sterling and Euro) and all major credit/debit cards.  There is also a manned pay station at the airport Customer Service Desk for your convenience.

To avail of discounted rates passengers are advised to pre-book car parking online.

For security reasons the Car Park is only open to the public during the airport’s published opening hours. Vehicles cannot be accessed outside these hours.


04:30 – 21:45


04:30 – 21:45


04:30 – 21:45


04:30 – 21:45


04:30 – 21:45


05:00 – 16:30


08:00 – 21:45

4Please note, these times are subject to change and vehicle owners are advised to contact the Airport Authority for the most up to date information. Please ring +44(0) 2871 810784 or email us:
In the interests of security, the car park will be closed outside of these opening hours and passengers will not be able to access or retrieve their vehicles.

Disabled parking bays for disabled badge holders are provided in the main car park, sited between the main gate and the terminal building.  Should assistance be required once parked, getting from the car park to the terminal building, our dedicated customer service will be available to assist you and can be contacted via a telephone point in the car park.

Drop Off / Pick Up ONLY:  Vehicles displaying a blue disabled badge dropping off or picking up passengers can avail of complimentary car parking for the first two hours with normal rates applying after this time expires.  Drivers wishing to avail of this service must display the appropriate badge and must park in the designated bays in the main car park.  Further information may be obtained from the airport Customer Service Desk.

FIRST 2 HOURS FREE WITH NORMAL RATES APPLIED THEREAFTER is only available to customers dropping off or picking up passengers from the airport.

There are a number of ecarNI charging zones near City of Derry Airport, and a total of 334 public charge points across Northern Ireland for any passengers travelling from afar. These can be found on or which identifies the location of all charging points (including private).

All public charge points on the ecarNI network in Northern Ireland and the ESB ecars network in the Republic of Ireland are interoperable at present and can be accessed using the ecarNI Access Card.

Change to car parking tariff at City of Derry Airport – Effective 1st December 2015

The Board of Directors of City of Derry Airport took the decision to reduce car parking charges for the majority of short stays to the airport.  The airports car park pricing structure was transformed from 1st December 2015 to offer customers a safer and more relaxed car parking experience.

Customers can visit the airport to drop off or pick up passengers and stay for up to 2 hours for only £1.00.  As a result, the current 10 min free period has been removed.  This decision was made following an increasing number of safety incidents in the car park as large numbers of vehicles enter and leave at high speed within the free period.

Car Park users are advised to take advantage of the 2 hour parking period for only £1.00 and encouraged to come into the terminal and take advantage of the facilities on offer, including Free Wi-Fi and discounted offers in our cafe.

Short Stay – City of Derry Airport
Time Period
Main Car Park
0 – 2 Hours
2 – 3 Hours
3 – 4 Hours
4 – 5 Hours
5 – 6 Hours
6 – 24 Hours
1 – 2 days

Current Parking Charges – Effective from March 2015
Please note, prices stated below are gate rate prices. Customers are advised to pre-book car parking online to SAVE money and avail of great value PREBOOK discounted rates. Click here to get a Quote NOW.


Long Stay – City of Derry Airport

Time Period Main Car Park
1 Day £15.00

2 Day


3 Days


Each day thereafter £10.00

Lost tickets will be charged a minimum charge of one full day (currently £15.00). Automatic Number Plate Recognition will be used to determine your entry date and time. In addition, customers may be asked to produce evidence of their flight details to ascertain the date and time of their arrival and departure so that accurate charges can be levied.

Important Note – Disputes:

Our Customer Service Staff do not have any discretion to either reduce or waive parking charges.

In the event of a dispute any amount due must be paid in full and details of the claim sent in writing to:

Commercial & Marketing Manager,

City of Derry Airport,

Airport Road, Derry, Co.Londonderry,

Northern Ireland.  BT47 3GY