Long Stay – Gate Rates

Current Parking Charges – Effective from March 2015

Please note, prices stated below are gate rate prices. Customers are advised to pre-book car parking online to SAVE money and avail of great value PREBOOK discounted rates. Click here to get a Quote NOW.


Long Stay
Time Period Gate Rate
Up to 1 Day £15.00
Up to 2 Days £22.00
Up to 3 Days £33.00
Up to 4 Days £44.00
Up to 5 Days £45.00
Up to 6 Days £48.00
Up to 7 Days £54.00
Up to 8 Days £60.00
Up to 9 Days £67.50
Up to 10 Days £75.00
Up to 11 Days £82.50
Up to 12 Days £90.00
Up to 13 Days £95.00
Up to 14 Days £100.00
Up to 15 Days £105.00
Subsequent Days £5.00 (or part threof)

All prices are subject to change.

Lost Tickets

Lost tickets will be charged a minimum charge of one full day (currently £15.00). Automatic Number Plate Recognition will be used to determine your entry date and time. In addition, customers may be asked to produce evidence of their flight details to ascertain the date and time of their arrival and departure so that accurate charges can be levied.

Important Note – Disputes:

Our Customer Service Staff do not have any discretion to either reduce or waive parking charges.

In the event of a dispute any amount due must be paid in full and details of the claim sent in writing to:

Airport Manager,

City of Derry Airport,

Airport Road, Derry, Co.Londonderry,

Northern Ireland.  BT47 3GY


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