NI International Airshow comes to City of Derry Airport 02.09.11.

A Belgian Air Force F16 fighter jet performs aerial acrobatics over City of Derry Airport ahead of todays Portrush International Air show. The single seater jet can achieve speeds of unto 1500 miles per hour and can climb at a rate of 254 meters per second. Picture Martin McKeown.

The tenth running of the NI International Airshow in Portrush is set to welcome back a number of crowd favourites who couldn’t attend last year.

The free show, sponsored by SPAR and NITB, takes place at the seaside town on the first weekend of September. The ever-popular Team Guinot Wingwalkers are back with a stunning new paint job and a new name, Team Breitling, named after the famous Swiss watches. The thrilling stunt show which features girls standing on the wing while the aircraft performs loops and spins has always been popular with spectators and were much missed from last year’s programme. To celebrate the tenth show the team has made a special effort to make it to the north coast and will use the occasion to give a thrill of a lifetime to our VIP guest during the show.

One of the reasons for the spectacular popularity of the event is that it is much more than just an airshow. There will be something to appeal to all tastes. The shoreline is packed with arena shows such as England’s Crazy Bear Roadshow, Yorkshire’s Rapide Brothers, World War 2 re-enactors, model aircraft, quiz shows and giveaways, 80 trade stands, Royal Navy rugby, RAF Typhoon cockpit, simulators, Candy Devine’s Downtown Radio show, Royal Marine Unarmed Combat demo and of course the parade and poppy drop to mark the 90th year of the Royal British Legion.

The Peace Bridge Needs Your Vote

The Peace Bridge is part of Derry’s regeneration programme. Funded by the European Union’s PEACE III programme (Shared Space initiative), the Peace Bridge will be a living landmark and a lasting legacy. Construction of the bridge commenced in January 2010 and was opened on June 25th 2011.

The bridge measures 235 metres bank to bank and is approximately 4 metres wide, with landing points at the rear of the Guildhall and Ebrington. The design concept for the bridge itself is based on the idea of two hands reaching out to link together and links together the previously divided communities on either side of the River Foyle.

The project was a first in Northern Ireland, in that social clauses in the contract ensured the employment of twelve local unemployed people, most of whom have gone on to secure full time employment with GRAHAM.


In late 2009, Derry City Council, who own City of Derry Airport, placed an advert in the European journal for a ‘Partnership Opportunity’ at the airport. Parsons Brinckerhoff / Regional & City (PB/RCA) Airports, a Balfour Beatty Company, together with 6 other parties, responded to the advert, with PB/RCA proposing a Management Services Agreement which would supplement the existing management team with PB/RCA staff whilst leveraging the expertise embedded at the two Regional & City operated airports. After a number of rounds of bidding, PB/RCA were awarded the 10 year contract, in October 2010.

This form of contract is the first of its kind within the UK aviation market. Other forms of contract, such as concession agreements, are in existence but this model, where the asset is owned by one party with management services provided by another is new and reflects the unique offering of PB/RCA – consultancy services delivered by Parsons Brinckerhoff supplemented with expertise and operational support from the management teams of Regional & City Airports at their existing two Balfour Beatty airports.

In 2013 Balfour Beatty announced the sale of its aviation interests to the Rigby Group PLC.  As part of this sale Regional City Airport Management (RCAM) was established as the division of the organization responsible for Management and Consultancy and replaced Parsons Brinkerhoff.  RCAM is a specialist airport management company which is focused on operating airports which accommodate up to 3 million passengers a year, cargo, freight, corporate and general aviation.  The Rigby Group own Exeter, Norwich and Coventry airports as well as Cardiff Heliport and RCAM is responsible for the overall operation of City of Derry Airport, Blackpool Airport and Lee on the Solent – Daedalus Airfield.

For more information, please visit Regional City Airports website:

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Car Parking Information

To avail of discounted rates passengers are advised to pre-book car parking online.  Pre-booking must be made a minimum of 12 hours before parking is required as pre-booking rates are not available on one day of travel.

You can pre-book your car parking space here using our online booking system leaving you with peace of mind before your journey

City of Derry Airport car park has a total of 500 Pay-On-Foot spaces and is located adjacent to the main terminal building . The secure car park is covered by 24-hour surveillance and is locked down each evening.

Parking is not permitted in the Set Down or Pick Up areas or on the access roads. Illegal parking in these areas may lead to vehicles being clamped. Removal of the clamp will incur a minimum charge of £50.

Customers who have not prebooked online must pay all car parking charges before returning to their vehicle, parking charges cannot be paid at the exit barrier in the car park . There are two automatic paystations located outside the main terminal Exit door and one automatic paystation located at the rear of the car park – these accept notes and coins (both Sterling and Euro) and all major credit/debit cards. There is also a manned pay station at the airport Customer Service Desk for your convenience.

To avail of discounted rates passengers are advised to pre-book car parking online.  Pre-booking rates are not available on one day of travel. You can pre-book your car parking space here using our online booking system leaving you with peace of mind before your journey.

Opening Hours

For security reasons the Car Park is only open to the public during the airport’s published opening hours. Vehicles cannot be accessed outside these hours.


06:30 – 17:00


06:30 – 17:00


06:30 – 17:00


06:30 – 17:00


06:30 – 18:00


06:30 – 15:30


13:00 – 21:30


Please note, these times are subject to change and vehicle owners are advised to contact the Airport Authority for the most up to date information. Please ring +44(0) 2871 810784 or email us: 

In the interests of security, the car park will be closed outside of these opening hours and passengers will not be able to access or retrieve their vehicles.

Parking for Disabled Badge Holders

Vehicles displaying a blue disabled badge can avail of FREE car parking for the first two hours with normal charges applying after this time expires.  Drivers wishing to avail of this service must display the appropriate badge and must park in the designated bays in the main car park.  Further information may be obtained from the airport Information Desk.

First 2 hours Free with normal rates applied thereafter.

Short Stay – Gate Rates

Change to car parking tariff at City of Derry Airport – Effective 1st December 2015


The Board of Directors of City of Derry Airport has taken the decision to reduce car parking charges for the majority of short stays to the airport.  The airports car park pricing structure will be transformed from 1st December 2015 to offer customers a safer and more relaxed car parking experience.

Customers can now visit the airport to drop off or pick up passengers and stay for up to 2 hours for only £1.00.  As a result, the current 10 min free period has been removed.  This decision was made following an increasing number of safety incidents in the car park as large numbers of vehicles enter and leave at high speed within the free period.

Car Park users are advised to take advantage of the 2 hour parking period for only £1.00 and encouraged to come into the terminal and take advantage of the facilities on offer, including Free Wi-Fi and discounted offers in our cafe.

Short Stay – City of Derry Airport
Time Period
Main Car Park
0 – 2 Hours
2 – 3 Hours
3 – 4 Hours
4 – 5 Hours
5 – 6 Hours
6 – 24 Hours
1 – 2 days

Long Stay – Gate Rates

Current Parking Charges – Effective from March 2015

Please note, prices stated below are gate rate prices. Customers are advised to pre-book car parking online to SAVE money and avail of great value PREBOOK discounted rates. Click here to get a Quote NOW.


Long Stay
Time Period Gate Rate
Up to 1 Day £15.00
Up to 2 Days £22.00
Up to 3 Days £33.00
Up to 4 Days £44.00
Up to 5 Days £45.00
Up to 6 Days £48.00
Up to 7 Days £54.00
Up to 8 Days £60.00
Up to 9 Days £67.50
Up to 10 Days £75.00
Up to 11 Days £82.50
Up to 12 Days £90.00
Up to 13 Days £95.00
Up to 14 Days £100.00
Up to 15 Days £105.00
Subsequent Days £5.00 (or part threof)

All prices are subject to change.

Lost Tickets

Lost tickets will be charged a minimum charge of one full day (currently £15.00). Automatic Number Plate Recognition will be used to determine your entry date and time. In addition, customers may be asked to produce evidence of their flight details to ascertain the date and time of their arrival and departure so that accurate charges can be levied.

Important Note – Disputes:

Our Customer Service Staff do not have any discretion to either reduce or waive parking charges.

In the event of a dispute any amount due must be paid in full and details of the claim sent in writing to:

Airport Manager,

City of Derry Airport,

Airport Road, Derry, Co.Londonderry,

Northern Ireland.  BT47 3GY