Fire Safety

Fire Safety and Awareness Training

0.5 days

Course Outline:
Fire safety and awareness training will provide the candidate with the necessary knowledge and understanding of fire safety legislation relevant to the workplace within the requirements outlined on the Fire Safety Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 and the Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

The course is aimed at all staff in the workplace to help them identify and reduce the risk of fire and to develop an awareness of current fire safety legislation.

The course will cover the following topics:
• Fire safety legislation
• Understanding fire
• Fire spread within a building
• Fire classification
• Methods of extinction
• Types and uses of fire extinguishers including (Practical Demonstration)
• Actions to be taken upon discovering a fire
• Evacuation procedures
• Emergency signage
• Good housekeeping/fire prevention
• Knowledge of assembly points

Fire Warden Training

0.5 days

Course Outline:
This course is designed to enable the employer and employees meet the requirements of current fire safety legislation in respect to the provision of Fire Wardens.

This fire warden training will provide the candidate with a sound knowledge and understanding of the responsibilities associated with the role of Fire Warden.

Upon successful completion of this course, the candidate will be able to:

• Take responsibility for all areas of fire safety within your workplace or department
• Demonstrate a Sound understanding of the current legislation affecting fire safety in the workplace
• Ensure all staff under your control receive a sufficient level of fire safety training
• Ensure all staff under your control are aware or what action to take in the event of fire
• Demonstrate a basic understanding of human behaviour
• Understand the importance of daily inspections and periodic risk assessment within your workplace
• Demonstrate the ability to provide information to managers and employees regarding risks and safeguarding
• Demonstrate a sound understanding of fire warning systems, emergency lighting and signage

On successful completion of the above courses, candidates will receive a certificate of achievement.

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