Parking for Disabled Badge Holders

Vehicles displaying a blue disabled badge can avail of FREE car parking for the first two hours with normal charges applying after this time expires.  Drivers wishing to avail of this service must display the appropriate badge and must park in the designated bays in the main car park.  Further information may be obtained from the airport Information Desk.

First 2 hours Free with normal rates applied thereafter.

Long Stay – Gate Rates

Current Parking Charges – Effective from April 2012

Please note, prices stated below are gate rate prices. Customers are advised to pre-book car parking online to SAVE money and avail of great value PREBOOK discounted rates. Click here to get a Quote NOW.


Long Stay
Time Period Gate Rate
Up to 1 Day £12.00
Up to 2 Days £22.00
Up to 3 Days £33.00
Up to 4 Days £44.00
Up to 5 Days £45.00
Up to 6 Days £48.00
Up to 7 Days £54.00
Up to 8 Days £60.00
Up to 9 Days £67.50
Up to 10 Days £75.00
Up to 11 Days £82.50
Up to 12 Days £90.00
Up to 13 Days £95.00
Up to 14 Days £100.00
Up to 15 Days £105.00
Subsequent Days £5.00 (or part threof)


All prices are subject to change.

Lost Tickets

Lost tickets will be charged a minimum charge of one full day (currently £15.00). Automatic Number Plate Recognition will be used to determine your entry date and time. In addition, customers may be asked to produce evidence of their flight details to ascertain the date and time of their arrival and departure so that accurate charges can be levied.

Important Note – Disputes:

Our Customer Service Staff do not have any discretion to either reduce or waive parking charges.

In the event of a dispute any amount due must be paid in full and details of the claim sent in writing to:

Airport Manager,

City of Derry Airport,

Airport Road, Derry, Co.Londonderry,

Northern Ireland.  BT47 3GY

Management Team

Liz Hughes
Human Resource Manager


Julian Benbow
General Manager

Julian Benbow



Michael Edwards

Air Traffic Services Manager



Frances Wilson
Finance Manager and Company Secretary

Frances Wilson



Mr. Roy Devine – Chairman

Mr. Paul Byrne

Mr. Albert Harrison

Cllr Gerard Diver

Cllr Joseph Miller

Cllr Eric McGinley

Mr Alfie Dallas



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70 years after Spitfire P8074 took off from runway 02 at RAF Eglinton, its tailwheel finally touched down again today on the same runway at the City of Derry Airport.

Members of the team which successfully excavated the Mk IIa Spitfire in June this year from a boggy moor on the Inishowen peninsula symbolically reunited the recovered tailwheel with the former war time runway to commemorate its return to base – albeit slightly late.

Jonny McNee who organised this first licenced excavation of a WW2 aircraft in Ireland said the team has been stunned by the state of preservation of the remains.
“The lack of oxygen in the 30 ft of clay ensured many sensitive items survived – the first aid kit, the pilot’s helmet and incredibly paperwork”. He added: “The machine guns, currently being cleaned by the Irish Defence Force’s Ordnance team, are immaculate and even large sections of the tail rudder still retain their original fabric covering” All the recovered remains have now been carefully cleaned, identified, preserved and catalogued.

The recovery made headlines around the world, including Canada which has recently led to an exciting development in the story. The aircraft was the first of a celebrated war time donation of 8 new Spitfires by successful Canadian businessman Garfield Weston.
“It was a moral boosting purchase by the Canadian retail mogul during the RAF’s darkest days in 1940” said Jonny McNee.

Now his son Galen Weston has made a significant donation through the Weston Foundation to assist Derry City Council’s Museum Services in displaying the remains and preserving the sensitive items. Roisin Doherty from the Council’s Museum Service said “The Council are deeply appreciative of this generous offer and now we will focus on how best to display this historic aircraft”. Mr Weston has also funded a commemorative plaque for 133 (Eagle) Squadron RAF which were stationed at RAF Eglinton during October 1941 to January 1942. It will be unveiled in the City of Derry Airport terminal later this year along with a small display of artefacts recovered from the excavation – including the tailwheel.

The recovery was a tremendous team effort and Mr McNee was quick to praise all those who had contributed to the success of this exciting project. He included R Robinson & Son in Claudy who transported the remains from the mountainside on the day of the excavation and then steam cleaned the engine back to a pristine condition at their Claudy Quarry. “Without their help, the team would still be scrubbing away” said a relieved Mr McNee.

“The team also really appreciate the support of the Council Museum team and the City of Derry Airport in ensuring this project can be displayed to its full potential. I’m sure when the display opens, people coming to see it in the Council Museum will be really impressed”.

The substantial remains of the RAF aircraft, which was abandoned by its American pilot Roland L Wolfe after the engine overheated during a convoy patrol, were recovered as part of a BBC NI three-part documentary series called Dig WW2 which will be broadcast early next year. The dig was filmed by Derry based TV company 360 Production.